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Vue Material Dashboard Laravel PRO

Vue Material Dashboard Laravel PRO is a Full Stack App With Vue, Laravel & JSON:API. It comes not only with a huge number of UI components and a Vue Material frontend but also with an API-powered Laravel backend. We partnered with UPDIVISION to bring you Vue Material Dashboard Laravel PRO, the ultimate full-stack resource.


  • 200 handcrafted UI elements, including Material Design cards and Material Design buttons
  • 28 example pages to get you inspired
  • 15 optimized Vue.js plug-ins
  • Modular Vuex store with modules for each JSON:API resource
  • Laravel API backend
  • Role-based authentication system, my profile, CRUDs for managing users, roles, items, categories and tags. In short, everything you need for a lightweight CMS, right out of the box
  • Thorough documentation with commented code so you can follow along